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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's about time to start feeding the birds in my backyard-

The cold weather has moved in with a vengeance since last weekend and we received a significant snowfall last Saturday. This is about the time of year that I start keeping my Wasted Electrons World Headquarters backyard bird feeder filled for the wild birds that live in the surrounding trees and bushes throughout the cold season. Typically I keep the seed feeder full and put out suet cakes for them too.


Before I start the buffet for this winter, I have to remove some unwelcome varmints from the neighborhood…


Last night while I was sitting in my shop smoking a cigar and reading my email, I heard a weird, scrabbling sound move across my roof- twice. It almost sounded like ice buildup slipping down but I was certain that wasn’t the problem. I stepped outside my shop, shined an LED flashlight down the gap between my shop and the neighbor’s garage and was rewarded with 4 yellow eyeballs reflecting back at me from the back of the property.


Raccoons! At least 2 of the masked bandits were back there on Leonard’s cinder block pile. Before I start putting out bird food, these thieves must be dispatched. I need a brighter flashlight. I also need to decide if the air rifle will be suitable for the task of if I need to break out the Stevens and my stash of subsonic ammo.

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